Nagoya University

One of seven Imperial Universities founded at 1939
Top quality research level of faculty members

Nobel Prize
work done in Nagoya U.
Ryoji Noyori (2001)

degrees awarded by Nagoya U.
Makoto Kobayashi (2008)
Toshihide Maskawa (2008)
Osamu Shimomura (2008)
Best patent royalty income by blue laser, Prof. Isamu Akasaki

Number of students
undergraduates : 9640
graduates : 6049
Number of faculty members : 1751
(April, 2009)

Nagoya University is a comprehensive national research-intensive university in the heart of Japan. With approximately 16,000 students, of which 1,500 are international, Nagoya University is currently ranked 82nd (Academic Ranking of World Universities) and 92nd (Times Higher Education) globally. The critically acclaimed faculty of Nagoya University have won international awards including the Fields Medal, the King Faisal International Prize, and four Nobel Prizes. With the goal of opening up its departments to a greater number of international students while helping to cultivate Japanese students who can thrive in an international environment, Nagoya University is currently expanding the number of programs that will be taught entirely in English.
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