Physical Science and Engineering

What is Physical Science and Engineering?     

  What kind of academic field do you associate with Physical Science and Engineering? Is it the simple intersection of physical science and engineering as its name suggests? We will explain it below in detail.
  In modern society, science and engineering are inseparably related to each other. In fact, scientific breakthroughs have immediately applied to engineering, and engineering-oriented researches have made important contribution to the development of science. Taking the fact into consideration, the department of Physical Science and Engineering has just been established in 2017.
  In the department, we believe we can offer you interdisciplinary higher education and cutting-edge research environment based on physics and mathematical sciences in view of theory and applications. Physical Science and Engineering is an interface between science and technology.

Our goal in education and research      

 Based on the principle that academic fields grounded in engineering can create state-of-the-art science, our goal is to develop human resources that have not only profound knowledge and skills on physics and mathematical sciences but also have ways of physical and mathematical thinking, leading to those who can adapt to changes in the times.